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A bioinformatics consulting company offering state of the art transcriptomics analyses, bioinformatics support and educational materials for your lab or business.

LCN Bioinformatics is dedicated to implementing the most innovative bioinformatic approaches for your RNA-Seq analysis needs. I provide a range of academic and corporate services to help accelerate the scientific discovery process for both model and non-model systems. You will find my services useful and cost-effective whether you require a great deal of help or just a little.


(These are examples of what I can help you with. These lists are not exhaustive.)


  • RNA-Seq data quality assessment and pre-processing
  • De novo and reference guided transcriptome assembly
  • Read alignment
  • Transcript abundance enumeration
  • Differential expression analysis
  • Variant detection
  • Co-expression network analysis, hub gene detection and visualization
  • Gene expression-meta data correlation analysis

Gene Annotation and Analyses

  • Sequence annotation using a variety of data bases such as NCBI and TAIR10
  • Functional annotation using various approaches such as Gene Ontology and Map Man
  • Biochemical pathway analysis using data bases and tools such as KEGG and Reactome
  • Gene set enrichment analysis
  • Over-representation analysis

Statistical Analyses

  • Survival analysis
  • Principal component analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Hypothesis testing

Other services

  • Production of publication quality figures
  • Manuscript review for publications, including help with reviewer comments
  • Educational materials and scripts for any service offered
  • Virtual training for any services offered
  • Free post-project support
  • -25% academic discount for customers who agree to be a public reference and to acknowledge my services in ensuing research articles (authorship not required)

How It Works

Why LCN Bioinformatics?

  • Innovative analyses tailored to your research needs and goals
  • High quality and cost-effective analyses guaranteed
  • Effective use of time ensured by maintaining a small number of clients at any given time
  • Security and privacy guaranteed to protect your data
  • Communication is timely and delivered in plain English with descriptive figures to facilitate understanding of services provided
“LCN Bioinformatics provided comprehensive and flexible transcriptomics analyses tailored to our evolving research goals. Louisa’s reports were professionally delivered and representative of her knowledge of the state-of-the-art technologies available today. She was able to explain her findings in a clear and concise manner for non-bioinformaticians, like myself, to interpret. Additionally, she provided scripts as part of her service with excellent notation. I was very pleased with the quality of our interactions and would use her services again in the future.”
Jillian Prendergast
Principal Scientist for Palleon Pharmaceuticals

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Let’s get in touch! Please feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries or if you are interested in my consulting service.

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